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OutLoud | Sound & lighting coverage


We Make Your Voice Heard!

Technical Support for Artistic Events
Live P.A Equipment & Engineering

Athensmusic Group with its service OutLoud provides full technical support for sound coverage of artistic events (P.A & Monitoring). We have experienced sound engineers and provide the necessary equipment for sound coverage of music acts as well as all kinds of social events in small and medium-sized venues such as cafes, clubs, schools, exhibition stands, etc. (parties, club celebrations, inaugurations, fashion shows, etc.).

  • Sound engineering and equipment rental services
  • Live music acts
  • Cafe / Bar / Club live events
  • Theatrical performances & Musicals
  • School performances
  • Exhibition stands
  • DJ party events
  • Club celebrations
  • Inaugurations
  • Fashion shows
  • Wedding receptions, engagements & anniversaries