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Athensmusic Group began its operations in 1998 as a music rehearsal studio in the heart of Athens, under the distinctive name “DooDoo Studio.” Soon after, recording, mixing, and sound editing services were added, leading to collaborations with numerous recognized and successful artists in the industry.

Over the years, and with continuous growth, it was renamed Athensmusic Group and evolved from a rehearsal and recording studio into a business that offers a range of sound-related services, entertainment, and arts. The services provided can be divided into three main categories:
Studioworks: Recording and rehearsal services for artists and musical groups, individual practice and teaching spaces. Production and arrangement of songs for record releases, as well as theatrical performances and musicals.
AddictiveMedia: Production services for advertising spots, audio messages for phone centers (IVR), and audio books.
Outloud: Live performance services. Sound and lighting coverage for artistic events, equipment rental, and the Showtime Partners service for integrated access to artists, musical groups, and DJs for events and performances.

As a pioneering company in the field of entertainment, arts, and spectacles, Athensmusic Group offers excellent and innovative services for various occasions, always staying ahead of the latest developments. Some of its innovations include:
∙ Cloud services for file transfer and temporary storage. Learn more about our cloud services.
∙ The unique service of online rehearsal and recording scheduling through online bookings.
∙ Subscription services for rehearsals. Discover our rehearsal subscriptions.
Each of these innovations provides distinct and uninterrupted convenience to artists and event planners.

The facilities of Athensmusic Group consist of the main recording and rehearsal studio, Studio A, the smaller rehearsal studio, Studio B, the control room, the DrumRoom, the management office, and auxiliary storage spaces for equipment. It is completed by the spacious and welcoming waiting lounge area where clients can enjoy their coffee or drinks.

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